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Changing sprite frame


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Managed to stuff my back over the weekend so am sat at home twiddling my thumbs so i thought i'd get back to JagStudio.


I have a sprite (24 x 24 px ) which has 3 frames of animation, so the image is  24 x 72 ( verticaly stacked )


I've been able to display my sprite and move it around no problem - but as soon as i try to change the frame I get a jumbled mess.


Is this code correct ?

pframe = 1

sprite[player].gfxbase = pgfx_loc+(pgfx_size*pframe)

The rapinit looks correct and there is nothing in there that i can see where you specify the number of frames.


Thanks for any advice.

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yeah, sorry


is called at the start and outside the loop


I think my code is correct, i may have my rapinit wrong somewhere, think i'll see if OMF's tool gives me the same settings for this image :)

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