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Yastuna Games & MSF Doctors Without Borders - buy Atari Lynx demos & games and make a good action


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As an individual, we always hope to make things the best we can, and have a positive impact, but it is always hard to do so as a business, so I must thanks @enthusi that gave me this great idea.


Starting from now, all profits for some products will be given to french Médecins sans Frontières (also known worldwide as Doctors Without Borders).

So that means that if you buy one of those, once fixed costs (stickers mostly) are covered, and after calculation of variable costs (PCB, shell, paypal fees, french tax...), all profit will be given to MSF.


Here is how it started:


A new product is available immediately on Yastuna Games shop, and this is very special one.

For the first time, Bastion Demo by Prior Art (@enthusi and friends), released at the Sillyventure 2k19 is available in physical form.

This is not a game, but a non-interactive demonstration of Lynx power.


Demos are usually not for sale, and no money should be make from demos. But they are technical achievement and pieces or art, and it is always better to watch them on real Lynx. Of course, there are some Flashcards available, but I think getting a real cart could be something Lynx fans would like.


Even if my goal was to set the price as low as possible, I cound not guarantee I would not make profit over time depending on number of sales, apart doing preorders and limited run (but then, extra money would be made on ebay, we all know how things are going).

@enthusi and Prior Art came with a rich idea, they just asked me this : to promise that once my fixed costs are covered (mostly meaning stickers cost in fact), I will give all profits to french Médecins sans Frontières (also known worldwide as Doctors Without Borders).


Bastion is available now for 12€

Bastion (Atari Lynx Demo) (yastuna-games.com)


But I think I can do more, I am also selling some games that are in the public domain, so starting from now, all profits from these games will also be given to MSF.


Games included in this operation:

  • Lynxmas 2020
  • Yastuna 1 - The Alchemy of Cubes
  • Yastuna 2 - The Space Incident


I will come back on regular basis to keep you informed on this, and the impact the Lynx community had.

Thanks you very much




More informations on Bastion by Prior Art & download links:

Bastion (SV2k19 Version) - Atari Lynx | Atari Gamer

Bastion by PriorArt - Demozoo

Bastion by PriorArt :: pouët.net (pouet.net)



More informations on Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders:

MSF | Doctors Without Borders - USA

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MSF/Doctors Without Borders is one of the most effective charities in the world, and does more good for the people who need it most than any of the bigger name NGOs. I’ve been donating to them monthly for as long as I’ve had a steady paycheck and I’m really happy you chose them for this!

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1 month is gone, and it's time to make a fist review ot the operation, Lynx fan reaction has been awesome, thanks you very much:

- 17 Bastion cards sold during the month

- plus 10 games (Yastuna 1 , 2 or Lynxmas)


For a benefice around 100€, as french law allow to get back a part of the donation on taxes, it is a first donation of 200€ that has been made this month:



Once again, thanks you very much for your warm welcome to this operation.


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