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'Atari VCS' classic joystick / Atari ST

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I definitely wouldn't buy this controller.  I've had the VCS for several months now and the Classic Controller is a hand buster.   The stick is poorly designed.  You may initially think the top of the stick isn't to sharp, but after playing a bit, your hands will tell you otherwise.  It should have been a soft plastic design with no sharp top edges.

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21 hours ago, ComputerSpaceFan said:

Really? Hmmmmmm maybe there's a reason for me to finally get one. Would it work straight out of the box without needing any kind of firmware update?

Connectors are same, as pin layout too. No wonder - it is called Atari standard joystick ?

I remember them from early 80-es. And was not happy with them. Well, maybe size of hands matters too, and they are smaller.

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