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Wanted to point out something that's often overlooked


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While seeing this video yesterday, I noticed something that I want to point out here.

I tried gaming on Linux...


I've been around and still am part of quite some communities: Linux, retro computing, demoscene, makers, poetry slammers to name just a few. But I am still deeply impressed with how noobies are treated here. I've seen how communities have gone toxic over time. but here I am still impressed time after time after time, how you guys don't refer to a post that had answered a very similar question, but take the code in question, and solve the exact problem at hand.


I've been a noob here about 11 years ago, and since then I refer to the 2600 coding corner on AtariAge as the most outstanding community I've seen so far in my life whenever that kind of topics pops up. But I never stated that towards the people responsible for this impressive achievement. Since I will forget way to many patient angels, I will not try to name you, you know who you are.


And all I can offer you in return is my 2 cents of knowledge gained here I'm throwing in every now and then. And also a deeply sincere "thank you". Not just for the technical help, but also for showing what can be possible between people.

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