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Lynx High Score Club 2021 Mini Season: Round 14 - Joust

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Atari Lynx High Score Club- Mini Season: Round 14



This round we play Joust


Round Over: Sunday April 3rd 11:59pm EST (4/3/2022) ROUND COMPLETE





Link to manual scan:


AtariAge - Atari Lynx Manuals - Joust (Williams)


Settings - Joust: Default


HSC Record: None currently! 


Add your Score from Joust!  Please put your score in text in your post please, make my life a little easier.  


Joust scores:


1. jgkspsx                122,050. +10

2. jeremiahjt              92,950.   +8

3. Rick Dangerous       44,600.   +6

4. doctor_shred           26,300.  +4

5. jblenkle                  10,750.   +2








Current season point standings


1. Rick Dangerous              82

2. doctor_shred                  72

3. jeremiahjt                      67

4. jgkspsx                          44

5. nightmonkeyii                 43

6. sdrake                           38

7. neogeo1982                   27

8. Mr.JT                             15

8. AtariSphinx                    15

9. roadrunner                     11

10. tripled79                      10

11. Songbird                       9

12. jblenkle                         4

13. Peyo                             1



Any corrections please post! 

Edited by Rick Dangerous
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Just getting warmed up. 50350




EDIT: I put it down but was feeling cheesed off that I didn’t do better, so I picked it back up. 122050. That’s more like it.



Man, I love this version. “Fast Joust”. It’s probably my favorite version after the arcade.



The Lynx 2 d pad may be miserable for Battlezone 2000, but I think it’s perfect for this.

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While I’m kind of hoping to concentrate on the other HSCs where I suck at the games this weekend, I do believe my score is eminently beatable. I had six or seven lives going into the second pterodactyl wave and wasted most of them trying to knock off one of the pterodactyls. Knocking off two pterrys earlier in the game gave me false confidence. If I had focused on killing the buzzard riders, I could have moved on.

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