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Any way to repair a controller after the right button stops working


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I know this problem has been talked about before and I think I remember someone offering a solution, but I cannot find the thread if it did happen.


As some of you may know, the right button on the CX-78 JoyPad (I think the same thing happens to the CX-24 ProLine as well, but all mine have additional problems) stops functioning properly.  It will still work fine in one button games and mimic the left button, but it will not work on two button games.  My other JoyPad has not worked for years, but it did start working again at one point for a little while before ceasing to function properly again.  Now my second, and last, JoyPad has encountered the same problem.


Does anybody know a way to fix this?  It is not my controller port nor my difficulty switches as the two somewhat working ProLines still function normally.


I know I need to buy the Best Electronics upgrade kits, but I really do not want to spend $80 on that right now.

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I've had 2 dead CX78's recently and they can be refurbed.


It seems broken wires / cables on these are common (I think that's what went on both of mine). Fortunately @juansolo & @marauder666 were able to fix mine when they were refurbing my consoles. I also think the little dome buttons can be replaced with inexpensive microswitches too.

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