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PSU getting hot when not in use

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Current is always running through it when plugged into a live outlet, regardless if the device attached is powered on or not.  All the PSU does is ensure power is converted into something the device attached to it can use. Most of my PSUs run cool, but one does warm up after a while regardless if the 800XL powered on or not.  When not in use the power strip goes off and the PSU doesn't have to do any work to convert 120VAC to what the device needs.  


Some components age faster - especially if there are manufacturing quality issues above and beyond general usage. 


If you can find a replacement (original or compatible), it's worth doing at some point.  The effects of time and entropy, it's simply wearing out.


At least it's not the Atari ingot adapter.  ? Those things fry computers like fish after reaching a certain point... :(


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Your SFC adapter is probably going through an acute rejection cycle and is slowly trying to destroy the unknown and evil transplant. The effects can be reduced with a sharpie and writing "SNES" or "totally Nintendo" on your Genesis. For a short term aid, try feeding your Genesis some inferior ports of multi-platform titles, like Street Fighter II.



Edit: Yipes, 9 months later.... I'm afraid that my advice has not reached you in time, my condolences on your dearly departed Genesis and/or adapter.

That, or then some kind of wicked mutation has been given birth...



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