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The Raider of the Virtual Jaguar missing source code


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I have discovered some years ago, a VJ from a vj-20160613-win64 package.
This VJ version differs from the known version 2.1.3 found at http://shamusworld.gotdns.org/git/virtualjaguar
What differences you may ask? Well, at least 2, please have a look at the pictures.

1) DSP message in the status window at the bottom

2) The CD BIOS enters in reboot loop mode with v2.1.3 but not with vj-20160613-win64
I'm wondering from where this vj-20160613-win64 comes from? Could someone has the source code for it?

Thank you







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54 minutes ago, Zerosquare said:

Shamus' web page has not been updated for a long time. Check this repo instead: https://github.com/mirror/virtualjaguar

(the readme says it is 2.1.3, but the latest commit was made in 2017)

Thank you for the information; I've given a try and with the same result.



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