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Is the Amico dead?

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6 minutes ago, flynnz said:

On the one hand I really respect Mr me for defending what he believes in and in the respectful way he communicates. But on the other hand, I am really shocked that he doesn't see why it is so odd that he is the only one defending Amico/TT at this point. I mean, when does it kick in that thinking everyone else is wrong is probably not that rational. 

I agree.  I am fine with people standing up for and defending things they believe in, however when something has turned into a train wreck, and the facts are overlooked, that seems odd to me.  And I hate using this saying, but it is true, facts don't care about feelings...and I think at this point the facts are clear!!!  

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I think this thread has run its course, we're now just regurgitating old posts.  The question posed by this topic has been sufficiently answered at this point.   If the Amico actually comes out in some form, someone please let me know. 



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