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Ice Cold Beer Remake

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Fans of Taito's Ice Cold Beer, an electromechanical arcade game released back in 1982, have reason to celebrate as a small company out of Minnesota has licensed the game from Taito and is remaking it with today's tech. I was in Las Vegas Wednesday and yesterday where I got a chance to play the remake (it was at the IAAPA tradeshow as well, but wasn't playable at that point), which I filmed a little to share here. The game is $4995 and will be hitting production within the next month or so - They'll also be remaking Zeke's Peak down the road:



BTW, there's also a company out of Australia who is making a new "Ice Cold Beer" game, but it is unlicensed and not very faithful to the original like the one above. I've been told that Taito is taking legal action against them.

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Dredging up this ol' thread as there's an update for this. The game was at IAAPA 2022 and they finally have a decent website going. If you are interested in this licensed remake, go here


One surprise at IAAPA is that they are also working on a licensed remake of Warlords. The software will be handled by an FPGA device but they've made a new cabinet that can handle either an LCD or you can put a 25" CRT into it - if you have a working one. Warlords is 2nd half of the video



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As I've had a few people asking when this is going to be available, the game just started shipping out yesterday. I've played it a few times and it's spot on to the OG game, but it is $5499 plus freight...probably more for locations at the moment than collectors. But they will have Zeke's Peak out by the Summer time

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