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Getting into the ST?

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19 minutes ago, MarkC said:

Will one of these work on an ST...?

It has the same connector, but is for the 2600.



If it is a remake and of the same quality as the one I got with my Flashback a few years ago I would give it a miss. It has a really loose, squidgy 'feel' and isn't a patch on the original Atari 2600 joystick, let alone a decent era correct one. There are no microswitches in all likelihood. Really not a good joystick (if I did not have alternatives I would not use the Flashback). You might be able to buy some bits from Best to stiffen it up a bit, but at that point you might as well source an original. Perhaps a Sega Master System pad would be a readily available alternative, they aren't brilliant, but do work.

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If that's one of the new Chinese CX-40 clones (which I assume it is) on places like Amazon, yes it will work.  No it does not have microswitches, it's the same contact dome design as the original CX-40s.  Being the same design - if you are heavy handed, they'll break the same way as the original sticks.


Generally speaking all 2600 sticks will work, and are what are meant to be used with the ST machines.

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For me the Euromax Zipstik is the only arcade quality joystick which also has arcade quality fire buttons (which is why Competition Pro is excluded by me, fire buttons are duff).


I would be surprised if anything made in China even using the same contact domes is going to feel like an original 2600 joystick. I think I need to look up buying some replacement contact domes identical to the ones used in my 2600 joysticks and give the less well fairing ones a bit of a refurbishment, they are great for nostalgia playing actual 2600 games. Part of the challenge of the 2600 games is the rubbishness of the joystick lol


Everything else I use is for nostalgia, using a Zipstik on an Atari 2600 console would be considered cheating ;) 

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Never tried one of those, I might have to give it a go.


I did find that if I narrow the search on Ebay to "Wico Boss Joystick"

there are *numerous* hits and some of them are actually quite

reasonable. I seen one as low as $7.99.


Sure does make me glad that I picked up 2 of them for $10 at the

2021 Vintage Computer Festival (Midwest). Guy had a table with a

bunch of them for sale.    :)


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Got my joystick (as above).

The connector seems a bit temperamental, needs a wiggle now and then to make the fire buttons work (joystick unaffected).

I can't be bothered sending it back, as it is old, so to be expected.

Is it possible to replace the 9 pin head..?


Some of the holes look a bit gunged.

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It is possible but you would need to open up the joystick to find which colour wires go where I guess. Bit of a faff really, I have a mint condition mechanism mk1 Zipstik I have to change the joystick cable on and I've been putting it off.


As a quick fix you could try an old toothbrush and some alcohol on the end of a cotton bud rubbed over the contacts and scrub them with the bristles digging into the holes, maybe it's the gunge that's causing a bad contact if the pins on the joystick ports on the ST are fine and other joysticks work fine etc.  

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