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SpeedyTT (TT030 48mhz booster!)

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SpeedyTT (TT030 48Mhz booster)




New thread running at Exxos's forums about this new device for
the TTO30:




From the same group that brought us the Cloudy TOS decoder,
Lightning ST and STorm ST hardware upgrades. (I really wish they

would advertise more!)


Hadn't seen anything posted about this here so I thought I would.


I know multiple TT owners have been looking for ways to speed

up their machines.   :)


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15 hours ago, Tillek said:

I wonder how this compares to my CaTTamaran?


I really wish they'd have done the video first though. :(


It looks like a non-reversible install compared to the CaTTamaram which plugs into the ST ram card and uses clips to attach wires. It looks a lot more flexible than the CaTTamaram in that you can set speeds for the FPU so you can find a speed that works with the FPU. The CaTTamaram runs the FPU at 48mHz when accelerated and I have yet to find one that runs at this speed so my TT will crash if the FPU is accessed when accelerated. I had to change the wiring on the CaTTamaram so the FPU now only runs at 32mHz which fixes the crashing. 

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