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Intellivision HSC Season 16 - Game 9 - Sewer Sam

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( Intellivision HSC Season 16 )


[Game 9]


Sewer Sam



Sewer Sam by Interphase 1983
SEWER SAM is a trouble shooter for the City Works Department. There's something going on down in the sewer system and SAM has been sent to investigate. Unfortunately, threatening nasties hide in the tunnels. Watch out, SAM! You will choose SAM's passage through the maze and will aim his trusty six shooter. The more nasties that you are able to shoot, the higher you will score. Somewhere in the maze, lurk the super-nasties...three enemy submarines that have invaded the city sewer system. SEWER SAM must destroy these intruders to complete his job!




ROM Download Link



Game Manual Link - Click link below then go to 'Games' then 'Manuals' and scroll down for Sewer Sam




High Score Club Record



Game Setting




Game Objective

Move SAM through the vast sewer maze. Shoot as many nasties as you can and avoid getting touched by the critters. If you can, destroy any super-nasties. Score the most points in the process.


Game Scoring

+13 [1st place], +12 [2nd place], +11 [3rd place], +9 [4th place] down to +1 pt for participation. +2 Game Winner Incentive. 


Extra Score Bonus: Get a score of 1,000 pts or more and earn +1 bonus point; Get a score of 2,000 pts or more and earn +2 bonus points; Get a score of 3,000 pts or more and earn +3 bonus points; Get a score of 4,000 pts or more and earn +4 bonus points; Get a score of 5,000 pts or more and earn +5 bonus points. Max-out Extra Score Bonus points earned is +5.  


Season Theme: Maze Craze and Critters. This game falls into both the 'Maze Craze' and the 'Critters' category.



Contest Ends









99,260 Mark Griff [+5 Bonus Points][+13][+2 GAME WINNER INCENTIVE][+3 SET NEW RECORD]

69,235 - Rickster8 [+5 Bonus Points][+12]

68,395 - Wolfy62 [+5 Bonus Points][+11]


45,445 - Lupovax [+5 Bonus Points][+9]

31,250 - CParsley [+5 Bonus Points][+8]

10,845 - Gavvv [+5 Bonus Points][+7]

  3,375 - jimblargh [+3 Bonus Points][+6]

  1,545 - Jblenkle [+1 Bonus Point][+5]

  1,350 - m-crew [+1 Bonus Point][+4]

  1,185 - fakecortex [+1 Bonus Point][+3]





Overall Rankings (POINTS)

After Venture



121 - Rickster8

121 - Mark Griff

118 - CParsley

  69 - Lupovax

  64 - jimblargh

  52 - Crade

  51 - IntyFanMatt

  41 - Popsicle

  39 - Wolfy62

  37 - Fakecortex

  37 - Gar0u

  22 - Player One

  14 - Mr_Me

    4 - Jblenkle






Games Won


3 - Mark Griff - Tutankham / Mouse Trap / Venture

2 - Rickster8 - Night Stalker / TRON: Maze-A-Tron

1 - IntyFanMatt - Shark! Shark!

1 - Popsicle - Buzz Bombers

1 - CParsley - Super Cobra






Sneak Preview:

Frog Bog


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1 hour ago, mark griff said:

Rick, Rick, Rick first maze a tron now sewer sam two of the worst intellivision games out there we have to have a long talk LOL

Lol well there's only so many games to play so they gotta be played sometime...... ?


Think of it as you broadening your horizons...... ?

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5 minutes ago, lupovax said:

My First 


Wow great score. Did you shoot a sub or more than 1 sub? I’ve never even seen a sub on this game.... ??

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5 minutes ago, Rickster8 said:

Wow great score. Did you shoot a sub or more than 1 sub? I’ve never even seen a sub on this game.... ??

No ... Sub not i've take some tunnels but only one whit water... i 'kill all kind of animal but i didn't find a sub, next play a tried to go in water tunnel ...


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On 3/22/2022 at 2:48 AM, Rickster8 said:

I just tried a few games and couldn't even get close to my first score.... ugh

I tried to find tunnel whitout water ... because the crocodile is very dangerous and suddenly appears very close to Sem

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Quick Sewer Sam Update: (Up to post #18)



8,415 - Lupovax [+5 Bonus Points]

3,700 Mark Griff [+3 Bonus Points]

2,920 - Rickster8 [+2 Bonus Points]

1,545 - Jblenkle [+1 Bonus Point]


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This game is soooooooooo slow on Level 1, so I'm opening it up now for PLAYERS CHOICE. Play whatever level you want. Just say what Level you are playing, highest overall score regardless of level gets the record.... ?

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My Sewer Sam Update: So I tried to do some stuff a little differently last night. Tried more than anything to get to the submarine. Because up until last night I believed the submarine was a myth. Lol I now know the sub actually REALLY exists..... HINT: YOU HAVE TO BE IN A WATER SEWER!!! :P :P :P 


I battled the sub many times and eventually I defeated one. See pic of Sam battling the sub below..... ?


Believe it or not, battling the sub actually makes this BAD game more playable. Now it's just 'not so bad', HAHAHAHAHHAA!!!!! ?






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