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2022 Xbox 360 sign-in troubles

Blazing Lazers

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I've been going back to a lot of older 360 games lately to try and get various online Achievements while the servers are still up. I have a few extra consoles for multiplayer ones and for most of the year so far I've been plagued by issues on Microsoft's end with being able to sign-in to Xbox Live or even to download a profile. It's been bad all year, but it must be really bad if it's the only topic on the 360 reddit page:




...NONE of the usual solutions, which previously worked fine, work now. It isn't an issue with my network, as my main Xbox 360 system works fine on Live. 


Anyway, this is posted as a warning to the other 360 users, and as a sign of how the 360 online capabilities are slowly being left to rot. 


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