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drop ball roulette game


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Hi, Drop ball roulette is a game that tests your visual memory.
In the game there are 5 rows of bouncer and each row can move the ball left or right. (all the bouncer of the same row move the ball in the same direction)

At the beginning a ball will fall down hitting the bouncer and will go in one of six cell at the bottom.
From now, one or two rows of bouncer toggle the previous bounce direction (if the previous was left the new will be right and viceversa.)The target row that changes bounce behavior will be yellow.

You must move the bet at the bottom (50 if change 1 row and 100 if change 2 rows) to select the next drop ball cell remembering the previous bounce sequence and the new changed rows bouncer.
To select position move joystick left or right then press fire and wait that the ball reaches the bottom. If your selected cell is the same of the ball you win the bet (50 or 100 points) otherwise you lost a bonus life (you have only 3 bonus life) displayed at the left side of the score.

Every 5 balls there is a golden ball. The bet of golden ball can be :
- heart (you can win a bonus life plus 250 points) or
- jackpot (1K icon) you can win 1000 points.

On the right side of score there is a super jackpot map: when you find a correct cell the corresponding cell map (1 to 6) will be cleared. When all 6 cells are cleared, you get a super jackpot( 1 bonus life + 2000 points).
N.B. The bonus life will be added only if your total bonus life is minor of 3.

** HINT ***
- if change only one row of bouncer, the next ball position can be only 1 cell left or 1 cell right from the previous.
- if change two rows of bouncer, the next ball position can be 2 cells left, 2 cells right or same position from the previous.

Good luck ?





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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Drop Ball Roulette on tomorrow's stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!


After Dark:



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