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NOS Apple II game prices on eBay are terrible


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I'm not even looking for NOS and the prices on most titles are way more than what I want to pay. I recently got a good deal on Facebook Marketplace. Somebody just wanted to unload the "junk" he had. I'm very selective in what I pick up because of the outrageous prices on ebay. For me the trick is to be very patient and check often throughout the day. Good deals do still show up on ebay, but they get snatched up just about as fast as they are posted. I also realize that some of my wants may never happen because I'm not willing to pay the high prices for them. I'd love to get Bruce Lee in box for a reasonable/cheap price, but that probably won't ever happen. I ordered it back in the day and it never arrived. The company along with my money disappeared. Should have picked it up years ago before prices became insane.

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