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Journey of Snail : A New World


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I was asked to post a new game for gambler172.  Journey of Snail: A New World is a text adventure for the Atari 7800.  

After defeating the evil witch Pen, you're stranded on a deserted island in the digital plane of existence of Sinclair.  Your chance to go home has finally come by going through some extremely dangerous worlds. There are some realms and realities so alien that might break your mind.  You'll go through horrors that will trouble your sleep, but also friends who will help, and enemies to destroy you.  Plus there is dark comedy.


Choose your destination by pressing the controller button and joystick directions.  Will you choose the right path, or will it lead to your demise? 


NTSC format. 

Game comes with instruction manual.  $35 USD plus shipping.  Please PM me if you're interested in a copy. 








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