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Strangers of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins


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Hey everyone, did anyone pick this one up? I've still not played ff vii remake so I assume it's in a similar style to that one combat wise, getting some ff xv vibes from it too in some of the style and combat. 


SoP if we call it that is a curious game, I kind of picked it up because I found the idea of a ff i prequel, a Frank sinatra soundtrack and the trailers amusing. I'm playing it as a semi - comedy. I'm actually slightly disappointed it's not more self tongue in cheek such as what happened to house of the dead (think that would have worked well!). 


I don't know how far through I am but I'm playing hard mode, I die a lot as I work out what combinations are supposed to work.


My first thought on it was they skipped quite a bit story wise at the beginning and then did a heavy tutorial bit... I largely avoid the L2 moves if I'm honest and focus on high degree of magic. Despite the little things that niggle me, I actually quite enjoy the game. Not sure if it's something I want to play many more times in the rest of my life... But I'm happy enough with it. 

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