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Homebrew Buying Options


How would you like to buy homebrew games  

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  1. 1. Homebrew Options.

    • Physical Lite (Cart only)
    • Physical Regular (Cartridge, box, manual)
    • Physical Collectors (Cartridge, box, manual, extras)
    • Digital (File only)
    • Digital (File on SD Card, box, manual)
    • Digital Collectors (File on SD card, box, manual, extras).

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17 hours ago, karri said:

I see the point with shipping issues. I have lost several shipments during the last 2 years. Currently I closed the shop because of problems with shipments.


My next game "Wizzy" is planned to be a collectors-only thing. There will be a hand sewn book with the story and a cart for the Lynx. Perhaps even a cart for 7800. Who knows.


But as making the book and the carts is pretty tedious I may reserve the copies for personal friends only.


For the rest of you there may be a free digital download and the book in pdf format. After all making the games is no fun if nobody plays them.

Till now, I own all your games....and I have a lot of fun.. .. 

And Wizzy for the 7800 is always welcome.

And cause you live in the EU....there are no problems with the customs

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My exact configuration wasn't listed in the poll, so I took Physical Regular as the closest.  I want the physical cart and a manual.  I also enjoy having a box and extras, but if I have the choice of saving money and NOT getting those, I will opt to save the money.  If only available with box and extras the higher cost does not stop me from buying.

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