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Is there anything special about a Flashback 8 Gold?


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I cannot to think of any reason to (although the 7800 ownership seems like a non-sequitur). I would breakdown the AFB systems into the following categories. I don’t care for wireless controllers, but at least the AFB8 Gold came with the 2.4Ghz wireless (unlike AFB4 that had the old IR wireless).


Of the systems below, I think the only ones worth holding onto (if you owned them all) are the AFB2 and AFBX. That way you have an Atari OAC and a decent looking emulation set-top box.


AFB1: Nintendo OAC featuring rewritten Atari games for NES hardware.

AFB2, AFB2+ (3 total revisions I think a,b,c): Atari OAC. Can be hacked to support a cartridge port and play real VCS carts (not 100% compatible, more like 50%-75%)

AFB3-AFB7: Start of emulation based games, built for now older model Analog TV with AV cables.

AFB8: Deluxe, Gold, other variations. Start of allowing SDcard loading of games, and HDMI output for newer TVs


AFB9: Fairly easily hackable with other game systems like Atari 800, Arcade, etc.

AFBX: Fairly easily hackable, and more accurate mini case.A breakdown of the games included, and some additional info.

The AFB8 Gold is some what hackable, but if you are interested in that a AFB9/AFBX would be better.

AFB9/AFBX hack threads.


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