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OT Theory: Coding for Black and White TV?

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So while procrastinating about the next part of the game I am supposed to be doing, I was thinking to myself “self, what would it take to make a game usable on a black and white TV?” And off I went into a research rabbit-hole. 





among other pages. 

I started looking around for a program or routine or pattern or process that would identify the colors in the Intellivision palette that would translate/display to shades of gray with enough strong contrast to tell them apart. 


Has anyone else worked on this before? I was thinking it might be almost interesting for a game to have a “B/W mode” that would display with some jzIntv palette shifting magic. 



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the console's color palette is hardcoded and not defined within the ROM/cart.


So you would not be able to do this for a cart release; at least that is my understanding.


You can do this for a "jzintv only release" because the emulator allows you to define your own color palette.  You would need to distribute the ROM and palette file together, and the consumer will need to know how to load the palette when needed.


I asked this same basic question in the --gfx-palette flag thread in post#51 and you can see Joe's affirmative response in post#52

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