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PONG Security Screw Tool (DIY)

Resto Ron

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I have seen this question asked several times as I was looking for answers to PONG questions so thought I would post my answer to this problem.

   The Holt (tri-wing) security screw in the pong consoles are a pain to deal with and some people will not use possibly destructive approaches to removing them wanting to keep the console 100% original. I have found 2 different ways to remove these screws without damage and without spending $20-$30 plus shipping cost of $12-$20. Yes, some sites try to charge $20 shipping for a screw driver or 1/4" drive socket, crazy.

      Anyway, the first way I have used is I bought a cheap ($3) tri-wing screwdriver from Harbor Freight and used a cut-off wheel to grind out the center area to accommodate the raised center of the Holt screw.

      The second way, that I will show here, I used 1 plastic marker body, 1 paper clip, and some hot glue. Optionally you can use a medium length phillips screwdriver bit as you will see.


     So I cut the marker body to length mine was damaged so I cut it where the damage was. I then put some dry-erase marker ink on the head of the screw and pressed the marker body on to the head and pulled it straight off. This marked the spacing for where to put the paper clip pieces. I drilled 3 holes in the side of the marker body inline with the 3 Holt screw slot spaces made by the ink on the head. I drilled my holes as far from the end of the marker body as the body was wide about .375". If you don't have a drill bit as small as the paper clip you can heat up the paperclip and push it through the marker body. You don't want the hole to be much larger than the paper clip. Feed the paper clip through the hole you made towards to end of the marker body and loop it back towards where the clip goes into the marker body making a complete loop. I had my loop come together half way between the hole I made and the end of the marker.



     Once I had all 3 loops in place I put hot glue in the end of the marker body making sure the glue went past the holes I drilled and filled the glue to the top of the marker body. Then with the glue still very warm, but not too hot, I pressed the marker end onto the screw head making sure the paper clip loops were in the screw slots and let it cool. Once it cooled completely I dribbler some IPA (91%) down the marker body so it would get on the screw head and the glue. I then rocked the marker side to side, until the glue released from the screw and I had my tool.



     Lastly I used a medium length phillips screwdriver bit (#2) in the opposite end to attach the tool bit to an electric screw driver. The glue helps grip the head but it is not necessary. In fact I used the hot tip of the glue gun to give my new driver bit a dished center and it works great.





I hope this helps someone looking for an answer to this question.



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