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Season 20 Round 7 - TMNT 3: The Manhattan Project


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Sorry this is a little late.  The last appearance of this game in the HSC was back in May of 2007.


758078615_TMNT3Cartridge.png.ef11cfc296c2b7bfebec3994e746b4d6.png 1361388164_TMNT3Screenshot.png.0d84b8ff14d0463fecb23af09201a08d.png


Game Rules:

Choose any Turtle

No Continues



Score Post Deadline: Sunday April 10 at 11:59 PM CDT.


AtariAge High Score:

243,200 by 8th lutz posted on 5/29/2007


Scores as of 4/10:

fakecortex   462,300
wongojack    337,400
asponge      175,900
Frozone212   140,000


Season Standings:



General HSC Season Rules:

  • To participate, just post a score to the thread. Anyone can join in at any time.
  • A picture or screenshot is encouraged when posting a score but not required.
  • The season is 15 rounds long.
  • Games will be posted on Sundays and run two weeks through Sunday at 11:59 PM CST.
  • Do not exploit game glitches, take advantage of 1-up loops or intentionally die in order to replay a level.
  • If "point pressing" is not specified in the game rules you should be moving forward in an attempt to complete/loop the game and not "camping" for points.
  • No emulator save states, slow-mo, rewind, etc.
  • No cheats, e.g. Konami code, Game Genie, etc.
  • Turbo controllers are allowed.
  • Season points are awarded according to the following chart:
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I love TMNT and these games. I’ve gone through 2&3 so many times with game genie... it takes a lot more skill to go through without.


I relied heavily on the down + attack in order to throw. I believe that gives you 400 vs the 600 points for just hitting them, but it’s a one shot kill, so it got me much further on my second go. Without that, there’s a lot of trading blows, even when I try to jump around. 


Anyway, great game, but I can see myself hitting continue a few times just to see how far I can get outside of competition. My fav foot soldier on level 1 are the type that throw sand in your face hahaha. 


Btw- I can’t recall if I’ve noticed this before, but does this game not have pizzas?! I kept expecting to refill my health mid-level, and nada. I guess I’ve just played the other beat em ups more. I think every other one has ?, at least all that I’ve played. 


TMNT III - 147,300 stage 3 mini-boss




Edited by fakecortex
Got to Slash, who is the mid-level boss
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160,900 - Killed by Bebop, RIP Don




Cool game.  Haven't played this in years.  I think I rented it once. In case you missed it, here's a tip from the 2007 HSC thread:  If your life is down to one bar you can spam the special attack without any consequence.  I used this to defeat the scene 2 boss on the submarine and Slash in scene 3.  


On 3/28/2022 at 9:52 PM, fakecortex said:

Btw- I can’t recall if I’ve noticed this before, but does this game not have pizzas?! I kept expecting to refill my health mid-level, and nada. I guess I’ve just played the other beat em ups more. I think every other one has ?, at least all that I’ve played. 

The first pizza I encountered was actually right after I defeated Slash.  So you were almost there.


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On 4/1/2022 at 12:15 PM, fakecortex said:

It actually looks like you used up your continues, since the Game Over screen should say: Continue 3/End

I was curious about this myself.  However, the continue/end text appears shortly after the score.  If you were to take a screenshot immediately after game over it would look like this.  I assume that's what's going on here.

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5 hours ago, wongojack said:

I don't think I have ever played this game on any system or platform. Of course, I've played other Turtles games, but not this one.


First score 84,600



This one’s an NES original! I’ve always enjoyed this game, tho I think II usually gets more attention, probably bc it’s an arcade port, came out before, and has more pizzas to pick up, hahaha. I like how III has new bosses, but the cover always bothered me. The artwork, by TMNT comic artist Michael Dooney, is awesome, but it’s got a sweet Triceraton right there that never shows up in the game. That’s just unfortunate, haha. 

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248,200 - Lvl 4 at Dirtbag


New HSC record! Wowowow. Maybe I’ll hold on to that title for this round??


I got into a really good groove, finding the right ways to attack and dodge each type of enemy and boss. I didn’t have Dirtbag flashing yet, but I had a good pattern on him and I felt like I was close. 


Just ONE pizza so far, right after Slash, which I managed to beat earlier with one health notch left. At least you earn an extra life every 50k, but a health refill more often would be good. That gives this game a different challenge from other TMNT games, but the down attack sets it apart in a good way. I was so close to another life! Which makes me want to squeeze out a few more points where I can by using down attack less. Anyway, the pic...



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31 minutes ago, Frozone212 said:

for the next game, can we use continues? it's only fair. 

the third boss is blatant AI cheating

Many games, along with this one, restart your score with a continue, so that doesn’t really work for a high score competition. 


After my high score tonight, I continued to try and beat the game. Didn’t happen, but I got to level 7. My thumb is wrecked hahaha. There were only a couple more pizzas. 

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335,300 The Gator boss got me.  There's another pizza right before you start the fight with him.


I don't know how I did so much better.  The funny thing is that I really wanted to try and beat the first level and boss without dying, and I couldn't do that.  Seems like I could do even better with a little more practice.



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