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Best Cheap Joycons?


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16 minutes ago, Shawn said:


What has your personal experience been with it?

List of things I dislike about it:

D-pad is both very shallow and somewhat stiff, making it a bit uncomfortable for prolonged use, but it works


List of things I like about it:

everything else


There is a list of things that you might find unappealing about this controller, though: no rumble, no wireless, no amiibo reader thingy, no motion controls, needs a special USB adaptor cable thing that is not sold separately and must be bought in a bundle with the controller in order to use the controller wired when docked. None of these things bother me, however, so if you are okay with these compromises, get this controller and then throw the Joy-cons in the trash where they belong. That wired adaptor + controller set itself is I think the same price as the regular Joy-cons, though, and it's the only way to get the adaptor, as they don't sell that separately.


It's also kind of huge, so it limits how portable it is. Basically take a regular Switch Pro Controller and saw it in half and the size is somewhat comparable, just with shorter grip handles. With the regular Joy-cons, I can stick the thing in my pocket with no problem, but with this thing attached, lol not happening. If you don't bring it outside, no problem, but if you do, you might find it very awkward to carry around. The controllers are actually extremely light despite their good build quality, though; they're actually lighter than the regular Joy-con despite being like 2 times the size.

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On 4/14/2022 at 10:32 AM, Rick Dangerous said:

I think i would stick to first party for Joycons. The way to go might be to get a cheap broken set off ebay; then send them to Nintendo for free repair/refurb. 


The afterglow wireless controllers are pretty solid 3rd party wireless pro controllers though. 


Do any of them have the rfid reader in them that you know of? It seems all the 3rd party controllers are missing something or other. Be it rumble, wireless, gyroscopic control or reader function.  :(


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28 minutes ago, Shawn said:

Do any of them have the rfid reader in them that you know of?

More than any other feature, I'm pretty sure that is the thing that is most likely missing from the 3rd party Switch controllers in general. I'd be surprised if there are none out there that have it, but I've yet to see any that have it.

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On 4/19/2022 at 9:18 AM, Rick Dangerous said:

Have no idea about RFID or what it even does on the Switch.  I don't use Amibos; is there anything else it's used for? 

RFID is used to make people think they have a physical cart on Amico. ?


The NFC stuff is strictly for Amiibos. At least I don't know of anything else that uses it. So if you don't care about Amiibos you probably don't need it.

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