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Pyuuta Type-In Programs

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I recently received a group of pages cut out of some Japanese computer magazines with various Pyuuta programs on them. There are 19 of them here, and I don't think I have ever seen any of them online. Cameron should add these to his Tomy website. . .as program listings for the Tutor or the Pyuuta are a bit hard to find. Some of the names are best-guess, since I don't speak Japanese, and the files are placed here both individually and in the attached zip file. The same group of paperwork had some other documents that I've never seen before, but I'll have to scan them some other time.

Jump Jump(G-BASIC).pdf Memory.pdf Mini Lifter(G-BASIC).pdf Pyuuta Type-Ins (zipped).zip Robber.pdf Slot Machine.pdf Space Fight.pdf Tennis.pdf Traffic Cop.pdf Trapix.pdf Warship.pdf Bomber(G-BASIC).pdf Burger.pdf Butterflies.pdf Crabs.pdf Dress Up.pdf Fighter Plane.pdf Fighting.pdf Golf.pdf Hotel.pdf

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