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The Lumberjack ( Pitfall Hack)


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The Lumberjack (NTSC)  



UPDATE 02/09/22


I took advantage of the occasion in the PAL conversion and noticed that the character hanging on the vine didn't match the one on the ground. Updated NTSC binary added to the post.






You are the legendary American lumberjack Paul Bunyan, a hero of American and Canadian folklore, and you need to supply your country house, for that you need to collect wood and logs from the forest to keep your home fireplace warm during the autumn and winter seasons. Also collect abandoned axes along the way. Try not to disturb rest wild animals such as deer, buffalo and small bears, to avoid contact with a big jump on them. Beware of bear traps. ?




Captura de tela_2022-04-02_01-57-55.png



Captura de tela_2022-04-02_00-38-29.png

Captura de tela_2022-04-02_01-00-42.png

Captura de tela_2022-04-02_01-01-55.png

Captura de tela_2022-04-02_01-02-45.png

Captura de tela_2022-04-02_01-02-18.png

Captura de tela_2022-04-02_01-03-16.png

Captura de tela_2022-04-02_01-03-54.png

Captura de tela_2022-04-02_01-05-22.png

Captura de tela_2022-04-02_01-05-39.png

Captura de tela_2022-04-02_01-06-11.png

Captura de tela_2022-04-02_01-04-54.png






The Lumberjack (Pitfall Hack) (2022) (Alfredtdk).bin







Captura de tela_2022-09-02_20-50-30.png

Captura de tela_2022-09-02_20-48-40.png


The Lumberjack Update (Pitfall! Hack) (2022) (Alfredtdk).bin

Edited by alfredtdk
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4 hours ago, LatchKeyKid said:

Cool!  Do you mind if I pick your brain on how you accomplished the hack?  I'm planning on dipping my toes into the 2600 homebrew pool and I was hoping to start out with some sprite swaps first in Pitfall.

I use three tools for the modifications (hacks). Bithacker to change sprites, Cygnus Hex Editor and STELLA emulator debugger mode to find colors. 

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