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Calling Guybrush Threepwood.....


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If you have a PS3 and you haven't acquired the Special Editions of SoMI and MI2:LR, do it now. Last January they were de-listed from the PS Store and now they have been re-listed because of the new game. Don't know how long that'll last. I found out about the de-listing the hard way. I went to pre-pay for Hitman 3 and was going to use the extra money towards the Special Edition Bundle. It was still listed before the pre-pay but was de-listed when I went to acquire it. Not cool, but I have them now. I already acquired the X360 versions years ago. They should consider porting them over to the PS4, Xbone, and the Switch to take advantage of the new interest.

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All I want to know is they are planning to work on making this a physical release! I've got Thimbleweed Park but missed out on getting Broken Age. I don't want that happen again especially for such an icon series! And I noticed it was under the Lucasarts LLC again? Very exciting and maybe...just maybe that Full Throttle 2 could still happen.


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