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Reputable SNES mod services?

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Someone somewhere probably has done this before, but what you're asking for isn't something that's typically done. For instance a search for SNES HDMI mod in Google Images yields only one remotely applicable result in the first several dozen images, and it's not really what it looks like (It's a gutted SNES shell with a Raspberry Pi inside and a HDMI port installed on the rear).


The Super Nintendo can natively output RGB video that can then be fed through RGB cables (Or the HD Retrovision component cable that transcodes RGB video to YPbPr component video) to an external upscaler. This route yields high quality video with no need to modify the console and the ability to repurpose the upscaler with other classic consoles. It's what 99.9% of retrogamers do when they want the highest quality video out of their original Super Nintendo when connected to their modern HDTV.


If it's a 1-chip SNES and you're using quality cables and a quality upscaler like the Retrotink 5X Pro, you can easily get emulator quality video out of an unmodified Super Nintendo. If it's an older SNES, results aren't quite as sharp but are still acceptable. 

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