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EuroCon 2003: Final Roll-Call


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Hey fellow gamers and collectors!


If you somehow forgot about the greatest classic gaming event in Europe this year, being held on September 27 and 26 in Karlsruhe, be sure to check out www.eurocon2003.de and sign up today!


Not only will we have the usual gaming, trading, chatting and drinking, but this year's edition will also feature the following unique events:


- Trading and selling at the RetroBörse tradeshow with 100s of visitors!

- Classic arcade machine playing at GoTec!

- Big screen showing of the original movie TRON!


So, everything is set for yet another great EuroCon success! Now all we need is YOU to sign up! There's only 10 places left, so don't hesitate any longer or you'll miss out on the biggest classic gaming fun of the year!!


If you have any further questions, please contact the organisers Jörg Lennhof and Jens Klöpfel at info@eurocon2003.de.


See You in Karlsruhe![/color]

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WOW! 1 hour download time! but worth it! great pictures! you should include names and short notes!


only thing wrong with the pictures! I was NOT in any of them!! (i know you have to be there to get your picture taken.) :D


looked like great fun! too bad you can't make your plans 8-9 months ahead of time. i would plan my 2 weeks vacation around it!


Take Care,



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And we also watched 35 mm TRON (proudly owned by Roloff "Deleto" de Jeu) in our own private room at the University of Karlsruhe  :)


Sweet merciful crap. That alone woulda been worth flying over from the US to see. TRON on the big screen. I am truly envious.


Looks like a great meet!

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I'm sure there will be more pictures from others soon.


When compared to the US conventions, EuroCon is just a small event. But it's the cosy atmosphere that makes it a very nice happening, I think. Hanging out with a bunch of fellow gamers and collectors for a couple of days, talking, trading, drinking, is just big fun, especially when you get some nice treats like the TRON movie and the many arcade machines thrown in. The guys in Germany did a very nice job. Now I guess it's time to hold one in Holland again - though Blackpool was very nice as well :)




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