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Some strange behaviors during post editing. Bug?


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During the last week or so, I found that the post editor behaves erratically while typing.


  • Sometimes, the cursor jumps back some chars or words and you continue typing in the middle of something, messing the text.
  • Sometimes, the END key does nothing, i.e. it does not jump to the end of the line.
  • Sometimes, the backspace/delete key gets stuck at the end of the line.
  • Sometimes, inserting a user mention does not show matching users.


I'm not sure if all of this always happens when there is or was a mention in the paragraph.


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This issue happens to me only on this site's forum, but I couldn't reproduce it even when it had happened many times.


1 hour ago, roadrunner said:

Did you try a different browser,

I'm using Chrome, and I won't change it trying to catch this issue again.


I was "playing" while writing this post, including mentions like @roadrunner unsuccesfully.


One more thing: it is usual that I have many windows or tabs displaying some pages of this forum, and sometimes I get forum notifications on some or all of them. What if this is related to a notification being displayed somewhere else while typing a post? Just an idea...


Oh, another issue is that sometimes, when I submit the post, some paragraphs preserve the blank line between them, and sometimes that blank space is removed. Both this blank line issue and typing/deleting issue happened in my post previous to start this thread... (link)

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