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Reports of a new Twisted Metal on the horizon...

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I finally made that rant I did regarding Axel:


By the way, my favorite endings in Twisted Metal 2 are Axel and Minion's.

Other random, personal, TM Miscellania:

-Favorite Stages in TM1: Freeway Free-for-All and the Rooftop stage.

-TM4 had interesting level ideas, but they were lampshaded due to the TruPhysics engine.

-I will admit, TM4's Calypso ending was hilarious.

-That, and Darkside, Mime, Trapper, and Piecemeal should have had actual endings.

-As un-PC as this sounds, I also find Axel's Small Brawl ending to be kind of funny.

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@famicommander You aren't the only person who has a low opinion on Small Brawl. Judging from longplay videos, it looked outdated, even by PS1 standards. Combined with questionable handling of the RC cars, bonus vehicles that have no proper endings, and a premise that wasn't executed well.

If only Sony included the first two Twisted Metal games as part of Playstation PC.



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1 hour ago, SlidellMan said:

Under 10 Hours' Twisted Metal Retrospective:

He also has plans on covering Critical Depth, Rogue Trip, Vigilante 8, Interstate '76, etc.


From a Long Time Twisted Metal Fan,

For Brevity;


Here's my condensed review of Every Twisted Metal Game:


They are ALL AWESOME!   10/10 PERFECT!   Except for:


Twisted Metal: Small Brawl   (F'ed Up Controls in Reverse)  5/10 (Average)


Twisted Metal (PS3)  Absolutely Unplayable because you can't control the car with the D-PAD!!!  0/10


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1 hour ago, NeonSpaceBeagle said:

One of the very few franchises involving combat and driving that I could never get into.   I just saw the above post saying the one on PS3 is horrible.. that's the one I first played and the longest one I played.. so there are better ones?


Certainly your mileage may vary,  but I ALWAYS controlled the car with the D-PAD (Not the analog stick), so to me the PS3 version was unplayable.  As for Better,  I think Twisted Metal 1-4 and Twisted Metal Black are better.  Part 2 may be the best in many ways,  though I have a soft spot for 3 and 4 also...And Twisted Metal Black was Amazing even though the controls got downright floaty at times and they changed the special moves too much, but it's still great!

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I loooooved Twisted Metal 1 & 2 as a kid on the OG PlayStation. Never played the PS3 one though but have not heard good things at all about it. Hopefully if there is a new one I'll hear good things about ala the OG PlayStation ones, then I may potentially check it out!

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Maybe, too,  I should point out that as much as it pisses me (personally) off that you can't control the car with the D-PAD in Twisted Metal PS3,  I don't think I've ever heard anyone else bring it up.   Maybe if you don't mind the analog stick it's fine.  I wouldn't know because I gave up within 5 minutes and pronounced "modern" video games DEAD.  Though I would later decide to give "modern" another chance and I bought a Wii U.

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Oh man I jumped back into modern gaming with the Wii U too!  Being a racing games.of all subgenres fan u can tell how angry I was. I remember looking for to, I shit u not, Hello Kitty Kruisers.  At least it had the first fast Racing Neo game on it. What a garbage system for racing games.  Mario kart 8 was the only good one and even that got so corny and shrill.

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