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Why us set of donkeykong and DK jr are harder then the japanese versions of it???

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We all know that the japanese version of supermariobros 2 were not released in the us on the nes with the reason that it was too hard for us gamers,

well with that minset then i do wonder why on earth were the us versions of donkeykong and DKjr made harder by changing the  level order along with repeating levels getting more harder?? and why is it that once you completed level 7 of those games,that you then have beaten all the levels???

but in both jap & us versions of donkeykong 3 the level orders are just the same and while there’re only 3 levels in donkeykong 3,however after beating level 4 you have completed all levels,

so why did they changed the level order in the us versions from it’s previous games in the series is just beyond me,unless they did felt like that us gamers do like hard games,well if nintendo did target the arcade for hardcore games while the nes was more targeted at family gamers,it would be not surprise me if nintendo went that route.

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On 4/10/2022 at 2:10 PM, mr_me said:

To make more money for operators by shortening average playtimes.

Welp,well nintendo did had fixed that ladder bug in donkeykong 1 as operators did find out that they loosed so much money once people did fond out about that bug,so nintendo replaced those rom chips with fixed versions of it in those arcade systems in the us,but not all donkeykong arcade systems updated probaby due oversights and/or the fact that not all operators discovered that bug from gamers.

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