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2022 Harmony Games Round 2(Graphics) Original - Game of the Bear

Dan Iacovelli

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Time to announce the  Second Game of the 2022 Harmony Games Tournament
which  is Game of the Bear by VHZC Games / Vladimir Zuñiga

which came in  third for  Best Graphics- Original  in the 4th Annual Atari Awards(2021)*
*Kung Fu Combat 2 did win best Graphics but the only scoring system in that game is the missiles in game 5
And second place Zarkstars didn't have a public rom to use we did a poll using third place winner (Game of the Bear)
and the game I voted for (Legendary Spears) the poll only had 5 votes totals and Game of the Bear won 4 to 1.
Here are the rules for this Round: Since scores will only show when you finish the game
you must finish the  game to get a score
you can download the latest version here
Post your Scores in this thread only I will update the Scores in this post
and at Atari video Club website Harmony games Page
Scoring: 10 points for first and 1 points for tenth place and for each after
This round begins on 4/11/2022 at  noon Central and Ends on 5/7/2022 at 2pm Central

Good Luck
Round 2 Scores:
Name: Score: points
@ZeroPage HomebrewJames O(ZPH) :896: 10pts

@cwieland Charles Wieland:  816: 9 pts


Edited by Dan Iacovelli
score updated 4/29/22 (extended till may 7th)
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