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2600 birds or crickets sound?


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Was there ever a 2600 game or games which featured bird/birds and or Crickets sound effects? (except for frogs and flies which did not have a looping cricket sound).
And just to gain opportunity: what ever happened to Atari Age´s Discord? invite link is invalid! (at least the ones I found on the net/even on Atari Age´s Twitter)

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On 4/10/2022 at 9:47 PM, atari2600land said:

I tried to make a bird chirping sound for this game.

ah, true! I like it! and this game is awesome!! I guess I like it more than the side scrolling super mario they made!
I had version 13.. I am downloading v.27 now to see what is different!
wow, songs have 2 audio channels now and you made more songs + the rooms got a make over I guess! Very nice!

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