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Lynx Around the World


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Hi All! We're here at Atari Gamer thought it would be fun to do a world-wide, no coding event that will feature the Lynx. Here's some info..


Let's have some fun and take photos of our favourite console, the Atari Lynx, all around the world. Take your Lynx to famous (or not so famous) landmarks or interesting locations, snap a picture and send it in. We'll publish it right here and on our social media!


To send your photo in, check out contact us page, there are a number of ways to get in touch. Make sure you tell us the location where you took the snap and whether your want your name shown or not.


Here's the official event page: https://atarigamer.com/lynx/event/LynxAroundtheWorld/5190733128531968




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11 hours ago, bhall408 said:

This is fantastic!

Back in the day when Palm Pilot was a big deal, a friend of mine did a similar "Palm/Pilot Was Here" page.


It is still up!


Check it out for inspiration - https://conklinsystems.com/palm/pwh/

lol some of those are quite funny! the bad dog one! ?

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9 hours ago, TrekMD said:

I see this ends October 12.  I need to find a good spot for a pictures of my Lynx.  :)

I can extend it until end of the year and have it as an annual event that just keeps going, what do you think? I mean there will be a new 2023 event but the same idea...

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2 hours ago, karri said:

I am also planning to bring my Lynx to see the World. In Malta on 13th of October and then sailing on a replica of a fullyrigged sailing vessel from 1736. Depending on the winds we should reach Barcelona by the end of October.

That's awesome, hope you're taking Rampart and Turbo Sub to play with you 🚤

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