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Jaguar HSC__SEASON 15__ROUND 8 - NBA Jam T.E.


(Round Over Sunday May 8th 11:59pm EST, 5/08/2022) ROUND COMPLETE








Start a game of NBA Jam TE in exhibition mode with standard settings.  Play as the Bulls.  Post your highest score. 


If you are not familiar with the Jaguar HSC general rules and how the scoring system works, please visit this thread here: 


Jaguar HSC Season 15 Rules Regs and Scoring - Jaguar High Score Club - AtariAge Forums



Link to manual:


AtariAge - Atari Jaguar Manuals - NBA Jam: Tournament Edition (Atari)


High Score Record:  None yet!


NBA JAM TE High Scores:


1. Machine                     99.   +10

2. Wilco                         72.   +8

3. LianneJaguar64          71.    +6

4. masematte                65.    +4

5. cubanismo                 61.    +2

6. Hyper_Eye                 55.    +1

7. Darrin9999                52.    +1











The Current Jaguar HSC Rankings:


1. Machine                            55

2. Wilcol                               43

3. masematte                        41

4. doctor_shred                     36

5. Hyper_Eye                        23

6. LianneJaguar64                 19

7. Rick Dangerous                 13

8. tripled79                            9

9. jgkspsx                              7

10. Cobra Kai                         6

11. Darrin9999                       3 

12. jblenkle                            2  

12. cubanismo                        2    

12. doctorclu                          2

13. Iwantgames:)                   1        

13. roadrunner                       1



Please post any corrections and tag me in the post. 

Edited by Rick Dangerous
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Got an overtime on my first game, great beginning. 


This is the first time playing this game with standard settings, and I definitely like it more with tag mode on and juice mode cranked up to 4 :D 


Ps, can I play as Bill Clinton? I don’t think he has any special stats. 

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For whatever reason, my copy hangs at the splash screen, which it never used to do. I don't know why it's doing it now, other games work fine. Guess this is a good advert for the Jaguar Drive... 


EDIT: committed the cardinal sin of blowing on the cart and it's fine now. But it wasn't working for quite a while haha

Edited by LianneJaguar64
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Hey guys; i made this season a week longer because some folks were mentioning last round they didn't have time to get around to participating.  I get we are all working adults so want to make sure everyone can submit a score who wants to.  I'm also in the middle of a move right now and life is a bit hectic and will be for a few months.  Will do my best!  Cheers'

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I only shot one "3 pointer" by accident and made it. I may try to hit more 3's in the future. 

I also switch player lineups when I can because they seem to slowdown if you don't. 


Some teams are difficult to score against, some are easier. I am just going through them one by one. I haven't figured out how to choose my opponents.

I am using my same initials and it is making go against the team one by one. Some I get only 60s, some in the lower 80s.

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This is a bit risky but I have had some succes by launching the ball across the field, and then catching it immediately after it misses the basket, and scoring a dunk. If done correctly you can score a point within 3 to 4 seconds, but if it fails it will cost you points and time. I seem to get a 50/50 succes rate with it. 

I only attempt 3 pointers when playing as Harper, as he seems to be the only one that can score them constantly, and I only use Kukoc as P1 when I absolutely have to, because he sucks. 

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