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14 hours ago, Wilco said:

and I only use Kukoc as P1 when I absolutely have to, because he sucks. 

Yeah, pretty much, though I feel bad admitting it after watching "The Last Dance." Still, if the others' injury count goes above 7 or so, you're better off with him. I was yelling at my TV in the middle of the night because Pippen was strolling down the court so slowly one quarter even while I had Turbo mashed down, only to realize his injury count was in the high teens afterwards. I only got something like 8 points that quarter.

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Now that I think about it, Jordan retired from basketball from 1993 through 1994 ... the height of the Atari Jaguar. Was the greatest of all time just trying to focus more on the first 64-bit video game console?


Also, good luck to all the participants. May all your Razzle also Dazzle! Boomshakalaka to you and yours.



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What a round!  Congrats to @Machine for the round winning score and new record!  Will get the next round up today; hoping to be able to participate this round as i have now moved out of my old house and am at my parents for the next month or two; lol.  But the Jaguar is setup; that's all that matters! 

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