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Wanted: 6800GT AGP video card


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I've been playing with a donated Pentium 4 2.40 GHz machine that I have had in my possession for...well...a few years. I had it in storage and decided today to break it out, update the BIOS, check everything, etc. 


It all is working really well and its great to use a Windows XP machine once again. It has a Radeon 9600SE in it which is OK I guess, but I'd really like to stick an Nvidia card in here (6800GT is what I am looking at).


It would be EXTRA great to get a hold of a PNY card as I work there ;) But, any 6800GT AGP card would be nice. Something to give this machine the graphics boost it deserves and open up the world of early/mid 2000's games running good. 


I'd grab one off of ebay if the prices weren't $100 a card. No way I am paying that to scalpers. 



If anyone has one that wants to offload it for a reasonable price to someone who is actually going to USE it, please PM me.



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