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Has anyone seen this before?


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I searched through the AA 2600 forums looking for some mention of it but it but came up empty. Looks like a procedural (c like) language. I'm far from a programmer, please excuse my ignorance. I saw another .WIZ game (FINAL DUCK) on the 2600 - 8bitworkshop as the last sample program. I just wondered if anyone has had some dealings with this?   

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The source code looks like a one-to-one substitution of assembly instructions for wiz instructions.
Even such things like 3 shift instructions in a row, which code have been done as a single 3 bit shift (and which will still compile to 3 shift assembly instructions).


Wiz compiler is at https://github.com/wiz-lang/wiz
I have no experience in using wiz, but it looks like an interesting blend of low level stuff and high level stuff.

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