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Colecovision HSC Season 15 - Round 3 - War Games

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Season 15 Round 3


Game Information

Game Name: WarGames

Released by: United Artists Corp. 1983. CV: Coleco/CBS 1984.

Settings: Skill 4

CV HSC High Score: Skill 4: 266,300,000 ed1475 (11/2015 HSC9).

Manual: http://www.colecovisionzone.com/photos/game/manual/wargames manual.pdf


This game was chosen by ed1475


WarGames Bonus Points: Play the game post a score= +3

Score 10,000,000= +2, Score 30,000,000= +3, Score 50,000,000= +4, Score 100,000,000= +5, 

Score 150,000,000= +7,  Score 200,000,000+10, Score 260,000,000 & up= +12

Break or set a new CV HSC High Score= +10


Round Ends: Sunday April 24th at 8pm (PST) 11pm (EST)


Everyone who posts a score throughout the season will be entered into a drawing at seasons end for a special prize!


The same rules and scoring system that have been used the past few seasons will be in play this season as well. Season 15 rules: http://atariage.com/...1-cv-hsc-rules/



Good Luck!

Final War Games Scores

  1)278,530,000 NCG +3 +12 +10 Record Breaker - Record Setter :-o :-o

  2)264,340,000 ed1475 +3 +12

  3)214,640,000 Colecovision +3 +10

  4)204,710,000 jblenkle +3 +10

  5)188,660,000 Ikrananka +3 +7

  6)109,910,000 DuggerVideoGames +3 +5

  7)  86,420,000 zaphro72 +3 +4


Round 3 Totals - Including Bonus Points

1){125} NCG 

2){110} ed1475

3) {90}  Colecovision

4) {86}  jblenkle

5) {78}  Ikrananka

6) {47}  DuggerVideoGames

7) {38}   zaphro72 


Season Standings - After 3 Rounds

  1)274 Northcoastgamer

  2)244 DuggerVideoGames

  3)212 Ikrananka

  4)157 Colecovision

  5)152 ed1475

  6)115 jblenkle

  7)  98 patbb

  8)  80 mark griff

  9)  76 zaphro72

10)  47 OriginalJohn

11)  27 timepilot

12)  24 fakecortex

13)  18 xdurable

14)     JEFF31



Edited by Northcoastgamer
Round totals
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2 hours ago, Northcoastgamer said:

278,530,000. Only lost 2 bases.     


Great score!


My personal best for skill 4 is 280,210,000 on July 10, 2011. All bases & cities saved. To this day it's the only game where I didn't lose at least 1 city on skill 4.


I've had 8 games, including yesterdays, where I lost only 1 city.


Edited by ed1475
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2 hours ago, Ikrananka said:



This score is about the best I can do on Skill 4 after many attempts.  Any tips on how to improve?



Check the entire U.S. Map (8 on the keypad) constantly to see what areas the missiles and planes are closing in on. Clear an area then check the map. At the start, the northern areas (Usually Defense Sector B) get hit first. Learning how to get your jets on the right line to take out other jets fast without out having to redirect is a must. Lots of multi tasking. The Coleco controller works great for this game. Keep an eye out for the Satellite. You can clear an entire area quickly with the Satellite. It follows the same flight path pretty much.

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1 hour ago, Ikrananka said:

@Northcoastgamer Thanks for the tips.  I likely don't get my jets efficiently lined up and often have to redirect so that certainly loses me time focussing on one area when my attention is needed elsewhere.

The Jets move slowly so take out the missiles first in an area. If another area has missiles to eliminate, get them first, then go back to areas with the jets.

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4 hours ago, Northcoastgamer said:

The Jets move slowly so take out the missiles first in an area. If another area has missiles to eliminate, get them first, then go back to areas with the jets.

Thank you ?  Your tips helped me to get my personal best to date.





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