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Atari 1050 must warm up to work


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Hey guys, 


I’ve got an odd issue here with a like new 1050 drive. It powers up perfectly. Does the initial drive stepper motor sync. I/o to computer is good. But when I power up the computer the drive spins up and just beeps every few seconds like the disk is bad. 

but if I wait about 15 minutes all is good and the drive works perfectly. I just re-capped everything and no change. 

Any ideas?


I tried blasting areas with cold air but nothing suspicious yet. 

the heat sink is getting pretty warm. Not sure if that’s normal and I’m getting 10v a/c off the power supply. 

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I suggest you ask this question in the Atari 8-bit Computer forum, may not get it fixed but you shouldn't have to wait almost 3 months for a response.

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