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Odyssey2 and Videopac Places of Manufacture?


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I'm curious where the US Mangavox Odyssey2 and the Phillip's Videopac released in Europe and South America were manufactured at?


My Odyssey2 is a launch model with the removable joysticks but it doesn't say on the serial sticker on both the box and console if it was made in the USA. 


I assume that they were produced in China or Taiwan but I'd like to see if any were made elsewhere. 

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I believe that the Odyssey 2 consoles were manufactured at Magnavox's/Philips' facilities in Knoxbridge, Tennessee. It wasn't until later in the O2's lifecycle that the game cartridges referenced on the labels where they were made, and I've seen both USA and Mexico referenced, with the latter sometimes also stating as such on the game box, too.

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