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Pac-man on Steam


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There's a three-pack of arcade classics including Pac-man on sale for 75% off on Steam. $2.14 total. Out of curiosity, I bought it, mostly for the high score tracker.


A couple questions if anyone else has this game. First, is there any way to control it other than the keyboard? Only thing I saw on this issue was a comment from 2017 saying someone was using a Sega Saturn controller of all things, which I don't have.


Second, why is the high score on the leader board 1,874,919,423? Even with Level 256 bug turned off (there appears to be an option for this) someone would have to clear over 148,000 boards to achieve that score. Even if that were possible (lol, it isn't) scoring in Pac-man goes by 10s so a score ending in 423 isn't possible. Can Steam high score tracking be hacked?


I know none of this matters since I can always go back to playing one of the dozens of Pac-man games on Mame. Just curious!

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Update: I tried it with a Hori Fighting Commander gamepad and a small joystick I had custom made a few years ago. Both worked immediately, but control was more smooth with the joystick.


Also, the second of the three games was Dig Dug and its leader board was much more interesting. There were a couple of BS scores up there, but the other scores seemed reasonable given that you only get 5 lives (3 to start and bonus men at 20k and 60k. If you change the settings to give you more, you're excluded from the leader board. Props to whoever got the hi-score of 1.1 million under those restrictions.


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