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GoSub for Game Boy


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Loooong time AtariAge users may remember the game I made called GoSub for the Atari 2600 way back in 2006. Since then, I've ported it to the Odyssey 2 with a couple of new versions of it, as well as an Intellivision version. Now it's the Game Boy's turn. I have done four levels so far. Feedback encouraged, let me know how I'm doing. Please download the game and play it with an Everdrive or emulator. I'm working hard on it so I'd like to know how I'm doing.


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I've been working on this a lot today. I think I got it back working again. I think I finally understand bankswitching and put that in there. So if you have an emulator or Game Boy everdrive, please play this and please let me know if you like the game.


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I think I have finished the game. I put the ending in. I put the Easter egg in. All that's left now is to test it. That's where you come in. Help test the game and let me know if there are any bugs. I attached the current build to this message.


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