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Has anyone built on an ARM mac?


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I've got an old MacBook that's close to giving up the ghost, and I was considering replacing it with one of the new MacBook Airs.  Trouble is, they are using the M1 chip now, which is ARM-based.  I was curious if anyone has compiled 7800 content on one of the modern macs.  If it's not possible, I may consider trying to track down an older mac just to get things working.  I figured I'd ask here first.


The toolchain I currently use is:

  • 7800asmdevkit
  • dasm
  • a7800 emulator
  • SDL2


I figure the answer is probably that it's a fringe case that maybe few people has tested yet, but there's no harm in asking.


Additionally, if I do decide to get an M1 mac and compilation of certain binaries would be helpful or necessary for some open source projects, I'd potentially be interested in doing that.



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The M1 Macs are capable of running X86 binaries using their built-in Rosetta 2 emulator.  It all works swimmingly for everything I've thrown at it (and I am a professional developer).  


While I have not specifically tested the software you mention, I have not encountered anything which I ran on my Intel MacBook Pro that I can't run on my M1-based Mac with one exception: VMware Fusion.  However, there is a solution for that also: Parallels.  The latest Parallels will allow you to run ARM Windows, and that has its own X86 emulator for when you need to run X86 Windows binaries. 


In short, I would not worry about upgrading.  It will be fine. 

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11 hours ago, Karl G said:

Anyway, the binaries should probably run as-is. There's a similar topic in the batari Basic forum about that toolchain working on such a system.

:thumbsup: That bodes well. 7800AsmDevKit is a package containing dasm, 7800sign, and 7800header, and is literally built from the same source dir as 7800basic, with the same laptop, compiler, and libraries that I build the bB releases with.

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