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Need For Speed: EA Crew Edition (2010)


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As the story goes, this game was given only to some (all?) EA employees for Christmas. On the surface, that should make the game insanely rare. However, the going price is under $40 opened, and under $100 new, so I'm confused. Plus there were several on eBay as of last week. Just how many of these were actually made? Is the story that it was only given to EA employees exaggerated or true?

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Interesting, as a fan of some EA racing games I had a look, you are right about EA but previously I had never heard of it either. Would like to play it even if it is just a copy ?I wonder if those ones on Ebay are legit or just some kind of reproductions? Not my area of expertise but I do agree normally there tends to be more discussion / info on rare of otherwise special editions of videogames. To be clear it's Need for Speed "Hot Pursuit" EA Crew Edition (PC, 2010) right? At least that is what I found on Ebay. 


Someone on Facebook posted these images of their copy. 

























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Hey, how's everything? Yes that's it, from 2010. It looks like the ones on eBay are authentic, which is where I picked up a few. Being that EA is such a massive company, maybe it's just not exceptionally rare. While I don't know if it was given to everyone who worked at EA, I do know that they had about 7,800 employees in 2010. If it was given to everyone, sub-8,000 copy games are still rare. If I had to guess though, I'd say they were given to 200-300. Just a guess though, I have no idea. Or perhaps there's just no demand.


Yes, there is always discussion of rare special editions, just not this one. Hopefully my posting it on various forums (including my own) will help get the word out so we can see how many were made, and perhaps someone can enjoy it that didn't know about it. I first found out about it in a @Metal Jesus video.


Which Facebook Group was that? Would love to see a link so I can participate in the discussion.

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3 hours ago, Zap! said:

Which Facebook Group was that? Would love to see a link so I can participate in the discussion.

Doh sorry, I discovered in in a random link Google searching but I've lost it now. Anyway, it wasn't a group I think it was a profile to a Japanese fellow, short name, the pictures I shared here were posted publicly but then pretty much inactive since. I spent the last 1o minutes trying to retrace and find but I cannot get same result and I tend to clear browser cache on shutdown sorry. 

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