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player1pointerlo in DPC+ kernel


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Messing with pointers related to the sprites and playfield is fairly unexplored territory on any of the kernels.  Up until Al_Nafuurs 1942 code this year no one knew you could scroll the multi sprite playfield using PF1pointer/PF2pointer.


I'd suggest trying to use pointer manipulation techniques you already confirmed to work in the standard and multi sprite kernels and trying them in DPC+  Report back your findings here :)  Perhaps more advanced users could then provide feedback on why something does or does not work.


I guess the other possibility is DPC+ is so different behind the curtain that what strategy one uses in 6502 code doesn't apply to the ARM code in DPC+.  Meaning, maybe you should ask about what effect you're trying to achieve rather than using player1pointerlo specifically.

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