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Titus The Fox - To Marrakech and Back Scrolling Problems

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In level 7 - Foxy's Den, several of the secret rooms you can enter can't be completed because the screen doesn't scroll properly.

The windows to enter are circled in red in the screenshots below. All of these should scroll from left to right but don't.

I've tested several versions of the game using different versions of TOS and nothing made any difference.

These areas DO scroll properly in the Amiga version.


6th Floor - Right Side.jpg

Floor 8 - Right Side.jpg

9th Floor.jpg

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I went in one of this rooms, and it does not scroll, so don't see player. But went down, max right, and the result was that health increased to max. Then climbed back to top on blind - and the result was that could not go out on door. Very silly.

Seems like game bug, lack of testing. And it reminded me on Crazy Cars 2 from Titus - not possible to finish game - some bug at final level.  Nice graphic, not so good playability, very not good testing at developers.

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2 hours ago, ParanoidLittleMan said:

very not good testing at developers.

Agreed, I used to test software amongst other things and it never ceased to amaze me how many developers

would give you the code saying it's finished and working fine, then it falls to pieces during "proper" testing.

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