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Unexpected flicker with Multi Sprite Kernel


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I usually put 3 lines of white space between virtual sprites to avoid triggering flickering.  BUT, I'm also getting a slight flicker when moving virtual sprites from one end of the screen to another even when respecting the 3 spaces rule.


Don't think this is a bug.  Rather, something I'm not taking into account.  Has aoyone else seen this?  A demo of the effect is below.  You can use UP and DOWN to scroll the sprites.


Thanks in advance for any clues!






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7 minutes ago, Karl G said:

Can you share the source? The only thing I can think of is maybe somehow you are skipping a drawscreen or doing an extra one when one of the sprites moves from top to bottom or vice versa.


Thank you for the clues!  Updated the first post to include the source, score font and mini kernel used.  The code is poorly commented and poorly structured so forgive me.

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