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Season 12 ~ MINOR LEAGUE ~ 3 Strikes Knockout Tourny


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Still waiting on TheActivisionary to give me 2 more picks...


I can confirm we do have 1 game that is a match.

TheActivisionary picked Skiing 1st and so did Atarian7.

So, the first game is Skiing (Game 9).


I will wait until Wednesday afternoon and see if TheActivionary gives his 4th and 5th pick.

If not ... we will go with what the other players have picked.


Thanks for your patience,



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We have our last 2 matches!


The 3rd pick produced the match of Galaxian!

TheActivisionary picked it 3rd and so did Atari_Warlord


Now onto the 4th picks.... we have a match. Super Breakout!

Atarian7 Picked Super Breakout 3rd and TheActivionary picked it 4th!


Thats it.

Please post NEW score.

Play the required Game Mode!

Have Fun!


Great Picks Guys!

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If this goes to the next round and I somehow survive, I'll have to forfeit as I won't have time for a few weeks.  For this round I met my goal of improving scores although my hand is hurting from about a 100 attempts at Skiing.


Skiing game 9 = 1:19.81


Galaxian game 9 = 15,360


Superbreakout games 5 & 7 = 390 + 627 = 1,017



Skiing (1980) (Activision).png

Galaxian (1983) (Atari).png

Super Breakout (1982 - 1981) (Atari) [a].png

Super Breakout (1982 - 1981) (Atari) [a]_1.png

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